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Chemistry 1P

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Chemistry Honors 1P

Chemistry AP 2P

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Study Techniques

Test Taking Strategies














































































"This was the first class where I felt I actually had to study to pass the tests."

"Doing homework everyday helped me learn the material. (I was not used to doing HW everyday.)"

"I was successful, because I came in for help at lunch, when I didn't understand something."

"I was successful, because I studied way ahead of the tests."

"Chemistry is hard and the problems are complicated, which makes a lot of people give up. But I told myself not to give up and now I have an "A". Hard work pays off."

"I should have made a schedule to organize my time, so I would have time to study the daily notes."

"I should have taken this class more seriously."

"Being absent for Chemistry isn't the best thing to do, since you quickly get behind."

"I was successful, becuase I did not get behind and did my homework each day."

"I was successful, because I dedicated one hour a day to Chemistry."

"I was successful, because I made study cards for the tests."

"I was successful, because I reviewed the Step-by-Step notes."

"I was successful, because I wrote out the notes twice."

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Office Hours

Mr. Griffith Room 58

8:00 - 8:30 AM M-F

1:30 - 3:45 PM M-F by appointment

Mr. Griffith's email:


All Chemistry Students need a Scientific Calculator for exponents and logarithms. It will have EXP or EE keys, SIN, COS, TAN, Log, etc.

**No graphing calculators allowed on tests, only scientific calculators!**

Leave your textbooks at home:

Chemistry, 5th Edition

Chemistry Honors & AP, 7th Edition

**If files do not open, download Free Adobe Reader at**

Bell Schedule

Late Start Days

Note to Parents/Students:

A "C" or better in Chemistry is required for Cal State and U.C. admissions!

Four Steps to Success:

1) On the first day of each Chapter, the assignment sheet dates will be filled out. Notice there is an assignment due everyday!

2) After completing the daily assignment, students should check the answers on this website and try to correct any answers that are wrong.

3) The notes for the next assignment should be previewed to aid comprehension for the discussion in class the next day. **You are still required to write out those notes the next day in class to help you learn them!

4) Any incorrect answers to assignment questions should be re-done after discussion in class. If there is still a question, students must come in for help as soon as possible!

** Only you know if you are understanding the material or if you are lost! Waiting too long to get help, will only make the situation worse. You need to come in, as soon as you need help! (See above for office hours! You can also come in during office hours to start working on your assignment.)

When the labs begin, you should be working ahead on the Review Assignments and starting to study for the test. Studying the night before the test is often too late! You should organize study groups with people who will study.

Grades will be posted on Synergy

You must come in for help as soon as you need it! It is your responsibility! (See above for office hours!)

Lazy = "F", but Hardwork = "A" !!

2019 International Year of the Periodic Table (150th year anniversary of Mendeleev's First Periodic Table) (Click for History of the Periodic Table).


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Carol Dweck, a Stanford University researcher states, "The most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. Stretching yourself and sticking to it, even (or especially) when it's not going well allows people to thrive during some of the most challenging times in their lives." (click for more information)


If you need help with organic chemistry in college, this site may help. Click on this.



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