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Applications/Senior Information:

CSF Membership Application (word doc)

*Seniors Read This* Senior Information for 2nd semester senior year.

Senior Scholarship Questions (Part II) word doc pdf format


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(California Scholarship Federation)

The enrollment period is only the first four weeks of each semester!! You must keep rejoining each semester!

**To earn the Gold Cord you must join at least four (4) semesters in the 10th-12th grade years (not counting freshman grades).

**At least one of these (4) memberships must be earned in the 12th grade with Senior grades.

{Seniors, it is possible to join both semesters of senior year, if needed. See Senior Information in the top/right column.} **Summer grades no longer count!**

You must re-join each semester!

**If files do not open, download Free Adobe Reader at**

Community Service is recommended, but not required for membership.

Fundraising pays for the Gold Cords, the Gold Tassels, the CSF pins and the CSF Certificates. It also pays for the Senior scholarships.

Senior scholarships are awarded based on an Essay, on Community Service, and on CSF Participation (number of Memberships and Snack sales). See Senior Information.

Past Senior Scholarship recipients


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